Choosing Breath


Life can hit hard. This is for those times when life hits you so hard that it feels like you may just not make it through.

You are still breathing…
You are still breathing…

Yes, there is disappointment.

Yes, there is heartache.

This is loss.

This is grief.

You are still breathing…
You are still breathing…

In my work with clients and in my personal practice, I know the value of the breath in those dark times. The power of something so simple as breathing deeply to change our posture… To elevate our mood… To shift our perspective… To strengthen and heal…

But this is not always so simple! Have you ever felt so bewildered by life’s challenges that you feel as if you couldn’t breathe? Have you tried to take the advice of just breathing deeply and found it difficult to get the air in? Are your breaths shallow? Rushed? Laboured?

When you find yourself in moments like these … Know that it is ok. Life is meant to present us with both joys and challenges. We are meant to struggle and experience pain … It’s a part of this journey. Know this truth. Acknowledge that what you are feeling is real and have compassion for yourself. And breathe. Gently. Without strain and without force. You are STILL breathing. And yes you may feel weak. And you may feel broken. But this is temporary. Feel your feelings and remember this too shall pass.

Take a walk outside and breathe the fresh air. Breathe and feel your feelings.

You are alive. You will be ok. You are not alone and you are loved.

These are things that I know to be true.

You are choosing to breathe.

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