Fitness Focus: Your Butt

Hint:  It’s not going to get toned by sitting on it!


February is chilly where I live… and I’m one of those people that always feels cold.  So when I need a quick way to heat myself up I bust utkatasana – that’s sanskrit for chair pose.  I also like to do squats whenever I can squeeze them in to my day to strengthen my backside and keep me able to squeeze into my skinny jeans!  I’m serious! I will squat while blow drying my hair…pumping gas at the gas station…  yes people may look at me funny …or are they looking at my great butt?!

Vanity aside, there are many reasons to focus on keeping your butt fit!  The glutes are the biggest muscles in your body and strong glutes help to stabilize your pelvis, back and knees.  Many of my yoga therapy clients come to me to nurse themselves back to health after injury.  Some of the most common complaints?  Back pain and knee pain.

As a yoga therapist, I am passionate about proper alignment and your butt plays a big role in your posture.

Get your butt in shape – literally!

Having a fit butt will improve your physical fitness making you faster, stronger and more powerful. Convinced?  Let’s get started!  We can work together to get your butt in shape with private training sessions (locally or via Skype/facetime).  I can also send you a home training program via email.  There are many different ways to work together. I am here for you.  I got your back! (…side)… I can’t help myself.

Sample Booty Workout:

peachemojiYoga – 60 minute power yoga vinyasa flow class

(yoga is a great butt workout! Utkatasana, Triangle, Plank, Natarajasana -Dancer’s pose, Warriors & Lunges)

peachemoji Squats x 20 per set – 2 sets


peachemoji Squat Pulses -Lower to a 90 degree squat and pulse up and down (not all the way up) for 20 pulses per set – 2 sets


peachemoji Flying curtsy (I made up that name…)   Place your left leg behind your right as if you were going to curtsy, and then lift the left foot off the floor so that it is elevated about a foot off the floor.  Gently bend and straighten the    standing right leg -pulse for 30 seconds and switch to other side

peachemojiBridge pose pulses – Come onto your back and lift your hips up into bridge pose – slowly lower hips to bring your bum almost to the floor and then push into your heels to come back up into bridge – pulse like this for 50 reps

peachemojiOne-legged Bridge pulses – Do the same as above but lifting one leg straight up into the air and then lift and lower your bum towards the floor – repeat 25 times and switch to lift the other leg

peachemoji Kick ups – come onto all fours and lift one leg with knee bent up to sky and then lower back to hip height – kick up 50 times and then switch to the other side

peachemoji Child’s Pose – Take your knees wide from here, toes together and push back to child’s pose to stretch out your butt.

If you would like me to guide you through this workout or share my other booty workouts to mix things up, email me!






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