Choosing Love Coaching Program

Want to reconnect with your partner and reignite your love? Single and desperately seeking the love you know you deserve? The Choosing Love ❤️ Coaching Program is your answer!

Here’s what to expect:

❤ ️weekly one-on-one 30 minute coaching call to talk about your relationships (past, present and future!)

❤ ️your action items for the week in the form of specific tasks that you will perform each week that are guaranteed to improve your connection with your partner (do together) or to help you find that new partner (singles)

❤️  personal development work to help you look at your role in your relationships and what you can work on with yourself to benefit your relationshipsa (do on your own)

❤️  date night of the week – stay in if you  can’t get a sitter or take it on the town… Each week you will have a stay in or head out choice to schedule some time for you and your partner to play together … (Don’t worry if you can’t get a sitter! The stay home options are just as good!).  For singles, we are going to get you back out there!  With many different options available that are comfortable and right for you!

For couples:  If you feel that your relationship has become routine, stagnant or in need of a boost- this is just the program to give you that!  For Singles: If you are seeking a new partner and are ready to find your new love…  let’s get started!

Your Investment:

Couples therapy costs on average $200 per session with couples usually in therapy for 6 months racking up to $4000 in bills!   The average cost of a divorce in this country is $12,000 and can be up to $75,000.  Let’s not even go there.  Your marriage is worth investing in!  Your relationship CAN be as loving, fun and exciting as it once was.

This unique program includes 2.5 hours of my time in one-on-one consultations which is worth the price of registration alone.  For only $349.99, you will have a full month of fun, love and laughter to bring you and your partner closer together.

Imagine recreating those feelings of excitement when you first met?  The nervous anticipation, the good feelings that come from true attention and connection.  You deserve the love you want and crave in your life!

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