Get PAID to Get Fit!


Imagine getting paid to meet your fitness & wellness goals?!

What is your number one Fitness/Health/Wellness goal RIGHT NOW?   Imagine if you woke up in the morning and you have miraculously achieved that goal.  How would you know?  What would that feel like?  Look like?  How would your life be different?

What’s it WORTH to you?

As I planned my Spring Fitness Coaching Programs, I gave a lot of thought to the barriers that prevent home workout programs from being successful for people.  When I speak with friends and clients, I hear many different excuses or reasons for not dedicating the time and energy to meeting their fitness and health goals.  Not enough time…programs are too expensive…they are too busy…etc.

What is it going to take to stop making excuses and to do the work to meet your goals?  How can I support you and motivate you?

What if I told you that you could transform your life in just 3 months time! We can work together to set attainable goals and to create a program that will help you to finally lose that weight, tone your body, strengthen and heal.  Whether you are trying to fit into your favourite old pair of skinny jeans, train for an upcoming event, heal an injury or illness or are working to alleviate anxiety, depression or toxic stress from your life – I will create an appropriate program for you including fitness, yoga, nutrition and counselling.

$$ Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is:

Here’s the exciting part!  You will pay my usual coaching fees for this three month program which includes:

  • weekly 30 minute counselling sessions via skype, facetime or phone call
  • unlimited text or email support -this means you can literally text me anytime and I will be here for you!
  • goal setting & tracking, action items, and assessments
  • customized fitness plan
  • nutrition articles and recipes with customized shopping/meal planning advice for your particular goals

… and just to make sure you’re really motivated to succeed:  I will PAY YOU BACK a substantial portion of the program fees with proof of your participation!   By submitting your weekly homework assignments (proof that you are doing your workouts and taking the action you need to take to meet your goals) you will be PAID for your work!  How is that for some additional motivation!  You will literally GET PAID to GET HEALTHY!

Get Paid to Get Well!

You can choose to take control of your health and to get serious about making your health a priority!



I’m so excited to be offering this amazing program and can’t wait to see your results over the next three months!

In good health,


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