Paying out of Pocket for your Health

Paying out of pocket for your health

I spend HOURS upon HOURS working on my website, creating new blog posts, posting to social media channels and promoting my services to help people live healthier lives.  I love what I do and it is most definitely my life’s passion.  I believe in the power of my services to help people heal, to grow stronger and to become resilient in their physical body, emotional health and interpersonal and professional relationships.

I dedicate my energy and a huge majority of my time to this work because I truly believe that I can help people to be healthier and happier.

My website attracts 1000s of visitors. I’m delighted to hear from people like you who comment on posts and emails and take the time to email me for help.  I’m honoured when someone takes the time to confide in me and share their stories and struggles. I read these emails and my mind is instantly in motion with the protocols and practices that I will recommend to help you when we first meet.  We exchange emails back and forth and we are both excited at the promise of what this work can do for you.  And then we talk costs and many clients simply don’t want to pay.  And I get it!  It’s a lot of money!

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Getting Results:

I recently had lunch with a good friend of mine who is a Holistic nutritionist.  She is amazing.  A real wealth of knowledge and doing amazing things with her clients.  She was telling me about her recent client who reversed her diabetes through the work they did together and that the doctor was astounded with the results and is recommending her services regularly.  We chatted about our work and our clients and then about business and how many of the people that contact us are active on our posts, commenting and sharing, trying out the recipes and our free offerings but when it comes time to book their own consultations, they do not want to pay out of pocket for health care.


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Are you covered by your benefits?

I understand that budget is an issue for all of us and always recommend you ask your benefits provider if you could have coverage for working with a yoga therapist/fitness trainer. Perhaps with a doctor’s referral? I would be more than happy to speak with your doctor or benefits company to answer any questions they may have.

The reality however is that most people will not be able to receive coverage for alternative health care or supplementary health care services such as mine which means you are stuck paying out of your own pocket.

My hourly price may sound high perhaps but when you consider what is involved in the work we do together and all of the expenses that I have to pay to run my business including website fees, location rental, equipment, and the hours before and after our appointments that are spent preparing your program it really is a necessary cost of doing business for me.

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An Expense or an Investment?

When deciding whether it is worth the money you need to consider what type of an investment you are making for your health and well-being. I will provide you with practices that you can use at home and throughout the rest of your week to help you strengthen and heal and to build resilience. I know it can feel like a great expense to pay for these types of services out of pocket (therapy and alternative health care services) but I am confident and accountable in the health benefits that my services provide to my clients and find that by the time most clients contact me they have tried everything else and are really desperate to find healing and relief from their pain.

Only Pay for What You Need

When you click on my schedule link there are various options for you to choose from ranging from a complimentary consult to booking various intervals from 15 minutes, 30 minutes, to an hour of my time.  You will have that time to consult with me as well as the take-away programming or messaging that you will use to create your own daily practices for achieving and maintaining your health goals.

What are you Spending your Money on Now?

Jamie Oliver once said that people spend gobs of money on things like brand name clothing, cars, etc. but they go cheap when spending money on their food.  It’s funny how we feel comfortable spending money on some things but undervalue others.  Especially when it comes to what I think is the most important thing of all – our health.  Perhaps it’s because in Canada, we’ve had our health care for free.  We feel entitled to it and do not want to pay out of pocket expenses.

The reality is however that most of the clients that do end up paying for my services and other alternative health care provider services are doing so because they are desperate for help. They are tired of being sick and tired and they want to feel better.  They don’t know what else to do.

The Miracle Question

So…if you are one of my facebook followers, email subscribers or website visitors who is holding off on booking an appointment because of the cost, I ask you to take a moment and think about all of the things you do spend your money on and how they are helping you to achieve your ultimate health goals.

What is it worth to you to feel better? To finally make the changes you seek for your health?  I always like to ask the miracle question:

If tomorrow – by some miracle – your number one health goal was realized.  What would that feel like?  How would it change your life?  And ultimately, what is it worth to you?

I hope that you know how much I value your comments, feedback and sharing on my posts and this one is no different!   Let me know your thoughts about paying for personal training, coaching, therapy and other alternative and supplementary health care services in the comments at the bottom of this page.

Thank you!

Thanks for reading and for understanding that choosing to pay out of pocket for alternative health care may be something worth reconsidering.  I encourage you to take advantage of my complimentary consult calls to do the research and talk with me more about what is going on for you and if my services could help you.

In good health,

Melissa Scheichl health coach

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