Mother’s Day 2016 Contest!

Win a free  subscription box for your mom!
Tell me why your mom is the best and win our premiere May Goody Box for her!

In the comments below (way down at the bottom of this page…) share a story or your reasons why you think your mom should win!  This is your opportunity to honour your mom and tell the world why she truly is the best!

To be entered into the contest with your chance to win, simply:

  1. Share your story below in the comments
  2. Enter your email address here:
  3. Share a photo of you and your mom or the contest photo above on social media with the #choosinghealthsubscriptionbox hashtag 

That’s it!  Wouldn’t your mom just love our May Goody Box showing up at her door?  This is our premiere box and it’s going to be full of wonderful surprises!  The theme is Pretty Happy:

May subscription box theme is Pretty Happy!

I just know your mom would be pretty happy to be honoured with your nomination and the chance to win this fabulous first box!

Good luck to you and your mom! ❤️💐

4 Responses to “Mother’s Day 2016 Contest!

  • My Mom has always been my biggest supporter and cheerleader. And even though she was a diabetic and was diagnosed with celiac disease, she never complained. She simply adjusted the way she ate and so did we. In the process with learned a lot about hidden sugars and hidden gluten in food.

    • melissa
      2 years ago

      That is so nice Colleen! Your mom rocks!! ❤️❤️❤️ Thanks for sharing!

  • rose langill
    2 years ago

    my mom has been though everything good and bad with me. Now that she lives away we still take on the phone every day. I learned so much from her and would not change her for the world.

    • melissa
      2 years ago

      That is lovely Rose! I hope your mom gets a chance to read your comment and know how much she means to you.

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