The Thrill of the Chase?


Have you you ever felt like you are putting in all the work in a personal relationship? Or trying to accomplish something at work and feel as if you’re swimming upstream? I am talking about those times when we try to control our circumstances and push and force things to happen for us.

Now don’t get me wrong, I like to take life by the horns! I can be very “type-A” and believe that in life we have to make things happen! But… That is me… And what I’m learning is that sometimes you have to know when to call it quits.

If you are constantly fighting and pushing and trying to control the path your relationships and your life is taking, it can be exhausting! Sometimes you have to stop and contemplate whether you need to change direction… Stop pushing and ride the current. I love the analogy of swimming upstream… It is exhausting and despite your efforts, you don’t get very far. It’s in those moments you need to question whether it’s time to let go, surrender and stop fighting. Surrender in these circumstances does not mean giving up. Nor does it indicate failure.

Take a moment to write down where in YOUR life you are currently struggling, fighting or pushing circumstances in an attempt to control the outcome.

What would happen if you took a break and actually stepped back? Who might step up? What new direction might you be led to by “going with the flow”?

Notice the people and situations that you are chasing and fighting in your life and take the time to contemplate how “sitting in a place of patience” might allow others to step up or come to you.

Food for thought 😊,


P.S. I love to receive your feedback on my posts! Add your comment to let me know what you think about chasing vs allowing others to come to you. I would love to hear from you!

One Response to “The Thrill of the Chase?

  • Virginia
    2 years ago

    This post resonates with me….I can already tell I’m going to love this new site! ❤️

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